Yet more poetry

When I asked why does the wind blow
She said “Ask the sky.
When I asked why the water flowed
She said “ask the hill”
When I asked about the birds and their song
She said “ask the trees”
When I asked why trees were falling
She said “ask the axe”
When I asked why I was hurting
She said “ask your heart”
When I asked why I was crying
She said “ask your mind”
And when I asked my mother earth why all I heard was crying
She said “It is because to many are dieing”

I don’t feel as if this piece was as good as my last one but I still like it
this week is about to be cut short. I am currently so flippin tired. I spent A week in the city and not that I don’t like it there I love it. It is pretty tiring and when I came home I had two days to rest before Timo came up and again like the city. It is tiring to spend and entire week with someone. I am about to go to a 3 day outside sleepawa

As I write

As I write,
As I write, snow is settling on rooftops.
As I write, Ice is melting from frozen streams.
As I write, People laugh and cry in happiness or sadness.
And People See their child for the first time or final time.
As I write Someone has won and stands tall and proud.
As I write Someone has lost and hangs their head in shame.
As I write Someone is starting their long and lonely road.
And as I write someones road has ended.
As I write I hear the sounds of children laughing.
As I write I see the signs of earth dieing.
As I write A stray dog has been taken in.
And as I write another one is crying.
As I write someones heart is held in tender hands
And as I write another heart is shattered.
As I write anger flashes hotter than a flame
And as I write the anger is soon scattered.
As I write people love and hate.
And As I write people give and take.
As I write the world fades around me,
And as I write I see it all again.

(I felt poetic)
I spent the week in the city this week. (Repetitive I know) And it has been great to spend time with all these wonderful people. I spent a lot of time with Timo playing Modded Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. I love being in the city, well that’s not entirely true. I love this group of people and I love the space. I am not to excited about the city itself but the good outweighs the bad so here I am. In about an hour I will be leaving to go home. I will have no one to help me navigate and I will be alone. I really don’t like the prospect of going alone in the city but I would have no place to stay otherwise. I do think that I can make my way to the mega bus place to get there in time but that doesn’t stop my heart from picking up when I think about it.

On our way going fast

It is the fist week back from spring break and boy oh boy has the weather been great. I have stopped wearing shoes except for places where it is required. It has been this warm for almost the entire week excluding a bit of Tuesday. It took some time to get back to my usual sleeping schedule but not too long. I visited Buxton at the beginning of this month and learned that I am doing more math than I need to be so I am grateful that I no longer have all the math that I needed to do. I am quite excited to be going to the city this coming week. It has been almost two months since the last visit. I started reading “The catcher in the Rye” This week and at this point in the book (I am 1/2 through it) I don’t really understand it. There is a bunch of old terms and people saying godamn. Going back to Buxton. I was accepted and have decided to go. With the end of the school year coming up I am wondering how going to a full boarding school will be. I am sort of worried but I have people I know there so it wont be that bad. Ill see y’all next week.


This week marks change in my schedule with two of my classes ending freeing up my Friday for the first time since November. I sent my computer off to be either repaired or replaced and have been dealing with the fallout of that the crippling boredom. That was a joke. We had Aron, Conner and Vic turn up again this week and I played coup for the first time with a new card. The villager, there is only one of them in the game but it can block coups so it adds more to an already incredibly deep game. We went on a long road trip to get wax, we will be making candles. This Friday we started making the candles and ordered the silicone for the molds. Next week I will make it a big goal of mine to do much of my math. I’m a bit behind.

Annual weekly post of fun.

I am slightly annoyed right now. This week was supposed to be a week that I went down to the city but instead of that I stayed up here to do my classes. I had word art on Monday and afterwards me and bear hung out. I had flying deer on Tuesday for the entire day. I had literature on Wednesday for the morning. I was interning with a music studio on Thursday. And today I will be going skiing till 5:30 or so then going to a dance till 8:00 and then going to a weekend retreat. When I started homeschooling I thought there would totally have been more time for doing things that are fun or interesting. I will be coming down to the city soon. As soon as I get the chance to talk with Bear about the schedule I can start to plan it. In other news.

A replacement

I am writing this post for the week of March 1-7, it wasn’t a very eventful week save for everyone leaving at the end. For example: My mother left on Monday to go to Grand Cayman and Bear left on Tuesday to go to Florida and Lily left Cloudhouse for good this week. I didn’t really do much of value I started a HabitRPG on Monday and kept it up through the week. My slightly homo/transphobic uncle came up for one of the nights and I went bowling for the first time. Jesse’s family left during the weekend to go to Florida as well. There were not many people left here.

Long time no see.

It has been a long time since I did a blog post. So long that I don’t even remember when the last one was. I just checked I did it in February. In the time since then I have had really one thing that overshadows all the little things, I got accepted into Buxton the school I was applying for. I am super excited and have now begun on getting ready for it. I plan on getting glasses to replace my contacts. It has been quite a long time since I had glasses last. I will be sending in my computer soon to get it fixed while I still have the warranty. Both Lily and Jesse are now gone and I am still wondering how I feel about it. Cloudhouse as a whole has become more lax and less stressed. Chuck is coming up soon and at that time I will have the best student:ALF ratio of all the ALCs.

(Millions of small poodles)

lots of alcnyc

This week started off on Sunday with Lily Eric (Who wasn’t speaking at the time) and I going to NYC. We stayed at Abe’s for the first night and I found out that Abe plays or at least played Fallout and Civ. We went to alcnyc the next day and its really cool how close able lives to the school. I went home with Timo and I learned how to navigate the nexus which is the largest platform for mods for skyrim and the 2 latest Fallout games. On Tuesday we had a great evening. I learned about this place called “Uncommons” which featured a huge selection of games and a great comedy performance where Eric spoke breaking his silence twice. I learned to play poker on Wednesday and beat Thanos in two 1v1 games of League. We had a ton of travel problems TLDR: 1st train canceled 2nd train canceled 3rd train got off at wrong stop bus ride 4th train took us to where the 1st train should have 5th train was a 30 min wait out in the cold. Then we finally got home. Tuesday and Friday are the days where I don’t really have much time with each having only like 2 hours of free time. I did my normal stuff and was up late into the night working on today’s literature paper.

good week

This was a good week. It started with Timo up here on Monday and a really hyped blizzard that actually didn’t do much except stop lily from coming to school until Thursday. Other than the new snow and Timo not much else of note happened this week. Tuesday was Computers almost all day Jesse saw the finale of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” Wednesday I spent in like full hibernation napping and watching YouTube on my iPod after school I watched “Big Hero 2” and “The Avengers”. Thursday is the day that I am writing this because Friday is full of stuff that stops me from writing the blog post. I want to play “Salt” with Timo and Jesse. Salt is like Unturned but instead of zombies it is Pirates. on an almost unrelated note I stabbed myself in the nostril with an icicle.

gotta go fast

I only have a little bit of time to do this so lets go. This week was weird in the sense that we had a 1/2 day on Monday for martin luther king day. on Tuesday we went to the city and had fun there. we left on Wednesday. on Thursday I tried to get in contact with jude and went to marks studio to work on Luci I did a chunk of my application that night. Friday I read war of the worlds and had my meeting with Jenny and am just after that writing this because I need to go to ski club in like 2 mins. great got to go