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Changes Changes Changes.

This week was just full of all sorts of stuff changing. The first change that really affected me was when Jesse needed to stay two more hours doing work. At first they were unhappy to say the least about this new arrangement but soon saw the good side of it and enjoyed it. the next one came when I was asked to show my daily work to my mother. This was a long and un-needed argument that ended with me leaving and walking outside for a while. I still don’t like this arrangement but since she is the dominant one with all the power I had no say in it. The last change that actually worked out for the better was when it was decided that gaming would be allowed during cloud house hours. With certain rules around it of course. Oh and also my mothe r Bear and I will all have to eat lunch together on Wednesdays. In other news the first meeting with Jenny is happening today and I’m not sure how that will go seeing as both me and Jesse forgot about the reading that we were supposed to do until last night. In academic news I did a large amount of math this week when I thought that my 2nd quarterly report was due on the 11th instead of the 30th. I started writing daily reflections again under the direct command of my mother. I will see if I can convert her to the weekly blog posts instead of what I am doing now.


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