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This week started off on Sunday with Lily Eric (Who wasn’t speaking at the time) and I going to NYC. We stayed at Abe’s for the first night and I found out that Abe plays or at least played Fallout and Civ. We went to alcnyc the next day and its really cool how close able lives to the school. I went home with Timo and I learned how to navigate the nexus which is the largest platform for mods for skyrim and the 2 latest Fallout games. On Tuesday we had a great evening. I learned about this place called “Uncommons” which featured a huge selection of games and a great comedy performance where Eric spoke breaking his silence twice. I learned to play poker on Wednesday and beat Thanos in two 1v1 games of League. We had a ton of travel problems TLDR: 1st train canceled 2nd train canceled 3rd train got off at wrong stop bus ride 4th train took us to where the 1st train should have 5th train was a 30 min wait out in the cold. Then we finally got home. Tuesday and Friday are the days where I don’t really have much time with each having only like 2 hours of free time. I did my normal stuff and was up late into the night working on today’s literature paper.

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