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As I write

As I write,
As I write, snow is settling on rooftops.
As I write, Ice is melting from frozen streams.
As I write, People laugh and cry in happiness or sadness.
And People See their child for the first time or final time.
As I write Someone has won and stands tall and proud.
As I write Someone has lost and hangs their head in shame.
As I write Someone is starting their long and lonely road.
And as I write someones road has ended.
As I write I hear the sounds of children laughing.
As I write I see the signs of earth dieing.
As I write A stray dog has been taken in.
And as I write another one is crying.
As I write someones heart is held in tender hands
And as I write another heart is shattered.
As I write anger flashes hotter than a flame
And as I write the anger is soon scattered.
As I write people love and hate.
And As I write people give and take.
As I write the world fades around me,
And as I write I see it all again.

(I felt poetic)
I spent the week in the city this week. (Repetitive I know) And it has been great to spend time with all these wonderful people. I spent a lot of time with Timo playing Modded Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. I love being in the city, well that’s not entirely true. I love this group of people and I love the space. I am not to excited about the city itself but the good outweighs the bad so here I am. In about an hour I will be leaving to go home. I will have no one to help me navigate and I will be alone. I really don’t like the prospect of going alone in the city but I would have no place to stay otherwise. I do think that I can make my way to the mega bus place to get there in time but that doesn’t stop my heart from picking up when I think about it.

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