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Yet more poetry

When I asked why does the wind blow
She said “Ask the sky.
When I asked why the water flowed
She said “ask the hill”
When I asked about the birds and their song
She said “ask the trees”
When I asked why trees were falling
She said “ask the axe”
When I asked why I was hurting
She said “ask your heart”
When I asked why I was crying
She said “ask your mind”
And when I asked my mother earth why all I heard was crying
She said “It is because to many are dieing”

I don’t feel as if this piece was as good as my last one but I still like it
this week is about to be cut short. I am currently so flippin tired. I spent A week in the city and not that I don’t like it there I love it. It is pretty tiring and when I came home I had two days to rest before Timo came up and again like the city. It is tiring to spend and entire week with someone. I am about to go to a 3 day outside sleepawa

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  1. Abby says:

    Constant time with someone–even/especially someone you love–can be so tiring! Glad you get to take a few days to sleep outside and catch up on your you-time 🙂

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